Friday 29 March 2013

Re-writing Easter

It's been lovely seeing on Twitter the number of people I follow who are excited about lining up new books for the Easter weekend. I went on a splurge this week with a stash of book vouchers, and came home with this pile:

At the moment though I'm neck deep in Chad Harbach's The Art of Fielding, and kicking myself for not getting there sooner. I'm really worried about Mike Schwartz, you guys. Can anyone reassure me that it's going to turn out okay?

I also have a Instapaper stack to get through, which includes:

I'm going to spend quite a lot of time at Te Papa's new permanent collection hang, Nga Toi (and there's also the new Arts Te Papa website to explore, optimised for mobile devices). I'll head along for Shane Cotton's talk tomorrow and hopefully Robin White on Monday, and squeeze in at least one midday playing of Michael Parekowhai's red piano. I've also been saving Moving on Asia at City Gallery for the long weekend, and I have radio notes to write and a little side project to work on every day, plus some other bits and pieces you don't need to know about. Easter. It's here now.

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