Monday 1 April 2013

Kids-only days

An article about the Bronx Museum receiving a $500,000 gift from collectors philanthropists Shelley and Donald Rubin to support free admission caught my eye for this paragraph:
Many of its customers are students, and education is among the museum’s top priorities. So even though the museum is closed to the public Monday through Wednesday, it is open to school groups on those days. “Our mission is very different from a mainstream museum in Manhattan,” said Antonio Sergio Bessa, the museum’s director of curatorial and education programs.
I am rather intrigued by the idea of "no grown-up" days (although this is not how the Bronx Museum promotes them, and don't worry - I'm not about to ban those 19 and over from The Dowse any time soon). I was describing recently to someone my geeky childhood wish to be left in the public library overnight - I wonder what a similarly adult-free time in a museum would be like?

Chaotic, probably. But an interesting thought exercise.

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