Wednesday 2 July 2014

Casting around

On the search for new (or new to me) podcasts, I recently returned to 99% Invisible, and fell head over heels for this piece on sports uniforms.

That podcast put me on to Bullseye, which I'm queueing up for my next Sunday night cooking / ironing / sorting my life out session. (My friend Emma does these charming weekend lists. My Sunday night is like her weekend notes, but without the 'charming' bit.)

Speaking of Emma - her recent piece on where New Zealand crafting is heading is interesting; partly because I deal every day with the concept of 'craft' at work, and none of it (well - 99% of it) doesn't involve bunting. Or owls. And yet we share and try to differentiate words, which is why in a single speech you'll hear me dot between craft, art, applied art and design - because words are hard.

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