Wednesday 2 July 2014

Well, hello there

The news has just broken that Lara Strongman has been appointed senior curator at Christchurch Art Gallery.

The Gallery has obviously had a challenging few years, and has risen to every one o those challenges, keeping a vibrant presence locally, nationally and internationally with ambitious outreach exhibitions and events, online developments, and projects such as the fundraising for Michael Parekowhai's Venice Biennale work.

Having said that, like all the art loving public in this country, I'm so looking forward to seeing the rehung gallery when it re-opens late next year.

Lara will be leading the curatorial team as they develop those shows. I worked with Lara ten years ago at City Gallery Wellington, chiefly on her Shane Cottom show and publication. She has a magisterial grasp on exhibition development, a deft and witty writing style, a real love for the physicality of art works, and great equanimity. I admired her tremendously while working with her, learned an enormous amount from her, and am very excited to have her back in the public gallery world.

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