Thursday 23 April 2015

Listen up

I can't quite believe we're up to our 15th episode of our podcast (or, frankly, that the two people behind it have managed to pump out one a week for 15 weeks in a row).

This week's podcast is an interview with artist Bronwynne Cornish who was with us at The Dowse recently installing her survey exhibition Mudlark. This is the first time I've worked with Bronwynne and I found her to be one of the most articulate artists I've met: she has a gift for explaning her work to an audience and talking about the things they want to hear - and also for considering how her earlier works might be seen today.

On that note, in the podcast Bronwynne talks almost about her 365-piece ceramic installation work Home is where the heart is, the key work in Mudlark and one of the star pieces in The Dowse's collection.

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