Saturday 18 April 2015

Weekend ponderings

Collections and interpretation

Two Way St, a new tool for exploring the British Museum's collection, has got me quite inspired. I'm fascinated by the emphasis on 'date made' and 'date acquired', which gives an inkling of the shape of the collection: when items came in, what kinds of items, from where and who (whence and whom?).

Rarely these days am I jealous of another institution's online projects, but I'm green as a grasshopper about the new videos from the Met.


This article about Joanne Heyler, director of the forthcoming museum to house the Broad collection, also grabbed me, for this paragraph:
There is no reception desk, for example; visitors — who need to make reservations, although there can be some walk-ins — will be checked in by greeters in the lobby with iPads and iPhones à la Apple retail stores. 
“We had the opportunity — which I wanted to seize — to do things a little differently,” Ms. Heyler said, adding that it would feel “much less formal than visits to other museums."
An extended interview (part one, part two) with Arnold Lehmna, who leaves the Brooklyn Museum after 17 years this year.
Artists were put on this earth to help us think beyond what we normally are able to think about. As such, I for one believe that they are a protected species, and need us all to support that. There’s really no choice—whether it has to do with David [Wojnarowicz’s] work or Chris Ofili or anything else we do, those artists are safe here.

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