Saturday 11 June 2016

Weekend reading, 11 June 2016

A virtuoso profile of Vito Acconci by Randy Kennedy for the New York Times

Rebecca Mead for the New Yorker on My Friend Flicka

Ken’s passion is urgent, intense, and deeply confusing, as first passions always are. But the fact that Ken’s passion is mediated through an equine object gives “My Friend Flicka” a subtlety and accessibility that would be harder, or perhaps impossible, to achieve as effectively with a human love story. My son would not be able to say that these are the themes that are holding him spellbound as we read “My Friend Flicka,” and I certainly could not have done so at his age. But I’m sure he’s learning more about love and its exigencies from this book about the entwinement of a boy and his horse than he could from reading a hundred—frankly embarrassing—teen-crush scenes from contemporary Y.A. lit.
Shan Wang interviews Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby on the launch of the Code Switch podcast for Nieman Labs.

Gray paint, high heels and 'meaningful people': Robin Pobegrin's 'How a Dealer Prepares for the ‘Most Important’ Art Fair of the Year' in the New York Times.

Mind-bending graphic notation of classical music for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

More quotable-quotes than you can throw a stick at: Francesco Bonami Says Curators Are 'Self-Delusional' and 'Irrelevant' in Today's Art World.

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