Saturday 10 December 2016

Reading list, 10 December 2016

Jennifer Schuessler in The New York Times on an independent report commissioned by Yale University into the 'renaming controversy'.

Max Chafkin for Bloomberg BusinessweekConfessions of an Instagram Influencer - dissecting how to get to the point where you'll be paid to Instagram.

fari nzinga on public trust and art museums, from her MCN talk and published on The Incluseum.

Anthony Byrt on Kate Newby for Paperboy - a recent Mediawatch segment suggested Paperboy may expand to Wellington, in response to which I say "Yes, please".

It seemed like months, years, followed the evening in the hipster pub, where we would find ourselves shifting from table to table, raising our glasses. Sampling the regional spirits of the Western world. About three years on from that early pub date we found ourselves with a fat, spirited baby, going through the ropes of getting him two passports. If the umlaut had been fascinating to me before, it now became something of a furious obsession.

From Airini Beautrais' Landfall Essay Competition winning piece, Umlaut, published on The Pantograph Press.

Shelley Bernstein on an experiment using Amazon's Alexa to answer visitors' questions in the gallery.

Johanna Hanink reviews Tiffany Jenkins' Keeping Their Marbles (a source of much angst earlier in the year) for the Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

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