Saturday 31 December 2016

Reading list, 31 December 2016

Tim Denee's 2017 calendar is available for download.

Adrian Ellis for Apollo on the outlook for New York's museums under the Trump administration. Less fearmongering, more analysis of draw on endowment, earned revenue, and the possible impact of economic changes on major donors and the outbreak of a fresh set of culture wars.

Createquity undertakes a meta-analysis of research into the benefits of the art.

Martin Fuller in the New York Review of Books on a new crop of books that underline the resurgent interest in Brutalist architecture.

An article from October last year on the introduction of Holacracy to reshape Zappos' organisational culture (I know that doesn't sound interesting, but it really, really is).

 Dimitra Kessenides  and Max Chafkin in Bloomberg Business Week: Is Wikipedia Woke? (aka can the site diversify its contributors and therefore content?)

Isaac Kaplan writes an Artsy editorial about then-Mayor Bloomberg's battle with the Brooklyn Museum over Sensation.

Linda Holmes' tribute to George Michael for NPR; Wesley Morris' tribute for the NYT.

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