Wednesday 2 May 2007


Yeah yeah - I do, you do, we all do, Google.

iGoogle is Google's rebranding of its personalised homepage option. I got introduced to these last week. If you have a Google account (Gmail, Blogger etc) you can go to Google and personalise it as your homepage: add news feeds, alerts from you Gmail, your Google calendar, clocks, count-downs, "messages from your sweetie" (I think that one's for the Americans).

So I dutifully customised my homepage, and then pretty promptly forgot about it. Now though, people are being invited to "express themselves with iGoogle" by selecting a page theme (see this announcement from Google Australia).

So, just as dutifully, I dug my iGoogle back up, and tried out the seven themes that were available. And they were dull. No, worse than dull - syrupy. So a syrupy reskin of a service that duplicates a bunch of stuff that I already do. No wonder the air is rushing out of the Web 2.0 bubble.

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