Thursday 24 May 2007

Oh, now I get it ...

For anyone that missed the utterly inane Campbell Live interview with British art critic Matthew Collings at the Auckland Art Fair last night, the video is available here:

Matthew Colling interview-TV3 website

Sample out-take:

Jaquie Brown: I hate binary code.

Matthew Collings: I'm so primitive I don't even think about binary code. I just think ovals and straight lines. And in this one they're nice and brown and black and in that one they're these weird kind of muted colours.

JB: And what's it saying? What am I meant to think?

MC: I don't think its saying anything about binary code. But maybe it is. If so, I have absolutely no idea about what that might be. Maybe it's representations of God.

JB: God, you're so deep.

Image: Peter Robinson, One Lives, 2006. Lamda print. 50 x 30cm. Image from the Sue Crockford Gallery website.

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