Friday 8 August 2008

I don't like Dali

But I do like this MoMA online exhibition of his work.

Subject matter and the entry page* aside, it's got a lot going for it. My three favourite things:

1. The opening page. Even if the 'click to navigate' is a bit touchy, it's a lovely way to let people browse the content without having to make any real choices

2. The use of a small number of focus works, flanked by related works. Although the actual show may not have been set out like this at all, it gives a nicely curated feel to the online version.

3. Most of all, the simple and beautiful image enlargements. They're a joy to use.

So, the site has some clunky aspects (like all the navigation instructions - click to open, click to close, click to navigate, click click click). But what I like about MoMA's online exhibitions is that it looks like a designer who loves their job gets to work on them, and it shows.

*I hate entry pages. Honestly - what's it there for? To ask people if they really, really, want to visit your site? Would you stand at the door of your gallery and ask visitors that?

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