Monday 25 August 2008

What are you thinking? Take Six

'Natural language queries' are a growing trend in search behaviour, where people are 'asking' search engines questions using conversational syntax, rather than entering keywords as their search queries.

Here's a selection of natural language queries from the Best of 3 keyword search hits from the past month:

what do gretchen albrecht and rolf hotere have in common?

is art history a good degree major?

what are three deep words to describe a person?

what does curator mean?

what are two words to describe an artist or a painting?

how wealthy is jeff koons?


Cheryl Bernstein said...

Ha! Rolf Hotere is particularly good. Tie me Black Phoenix down etc... I've had some intriguing search query hits myself lately too. "What reason did Dick Frizzell have for painting Grocer with Moko?" "Why did Terry Stringer start to do his art this way?" And my favourite (why? why?): "What's the height of the Ohakune Carrot?"

Courtney Johnston said...

My enduring favourite question is variations on the theme of "Why do an art history degree?". I'm still considering what the best one-line answer is for that query.

Peter Tomory once said that best outcome of an art history programme is the development of a sympathetic audience for the visual arts - I'm not sure that opinion holds in the era of user-pays tertiary education.