Tuesday 19 August 2008

More MoMA goodness

Last week I pointed to MoMA's Dali online exhibition - not my cuppa tea artistically, but a lovely site.

So here's another beauty from MoMA: the online exhibition that accompanied the Colour Chart exhibition earlier this year.

Can I email you a link to a page within the site? No. Can I use my best-beloved Picnik plugin to manipulate a screenshot? No. Can I copy & paste text for my personal research use? No. Does it have a purity to its layout, a playfulness to its navigation, and a plain-spoken tone in its language? Oh, yes. Yes it does.


Anonymous said...

note (mac only): clicking on 'apple' and 'shift' and '4' keys at the same time will allow you to beautifully target and screen grab whatever takes your fancy.

Courtney Johnston said...