Saturday 7 July 2012


This is the 1000th post on Best of 3. When I opened the account in December 2006 in order to - if I recall rightly -  say something to Pippin Barr about an early post on Over the net* - I really didn't give any thought to the fact that five and a half years later, I'd still be here, still doing this (although admittedly with the odd hiatus).

Earlier this year I actually thought about quitting this site and my radio spot. Everything had gotten too hard. There was little fun, little discovery left. It all felt dutiful and grey.

Over the past three months I've rediscovered art. I've been shown afresh how what I have seen and what I have thought over the past 15 years colours so much of the way I approach the world. I've fallen in love again, and I even, at times, feel a little giddy about it all. And that's something for which I am very grateful.

*The name of the site was quickly chosen in response Jim and Mary Barr's blog. And then I was stuck with it. I like to think of this constituting the table tennis motif of New Zealand art blogs. I like to imagine that one day an earnest Honours student, writing about the early 21st century phenomena of art blogging, will read a great deal into this. I hope this explanation has disappeared into the internet graveyard by then.

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