Monday 9 July 2012


I am still terribly obsessed by Digital New Zealand's set making functionality. Over the past three months I have really discovered my love of art - there is something about having been broken open that has let art flow back into me. I find myself rediscovering and lingering over all the things I have seen in the past 15 years, falling in love over and over again, surprised and surprised and surprised.

As part of this, I have found myself diving through the DigitalNZ site, pulling together collections of artists who are well represented. As part of this, a massive shoutout must be made to Te Papa, for their rigorous clearance process and also their willingness to put up luscious big images (Auckland Art Gallery please take note - I don't add you to my set because you are only providing dinky little thumbnails. Art was made to be looked at. Big.)

Photography is particularly well-served. Perhaps because it is easily digitised; perhaps because institutions tend to collect in series or bulk, rather than large one-off purchases. Whatever the reason, it's been a delight reacquainting myself with decades of practice. Here are some of the things I have gathered together:

Anne Noble

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