Thursday 26 July 2007

My summer in Germany

Not mine actually - but Melanie Oliver's (Govett-Brewster Art Gallery) and Charlotte Huddleston's (Te Papa).

The curatorial pair were selected by the Goethe Institute, along with four other people from Peru, London and India, to work at Documenta 12 as 'kunstvermittlung' or 'art mediators'.

They've been intermittently blogging their time at Documenta here - and it sounds like they took it a lot more seriously than just tour-guiding:

"The first few days of preparations for the guided tours featured a range of talks around the subject of translating aesthetics into language in order to communicate art. Listening to the whispered translation I was experiencing a further layer of this translation as the discussion of the complexities and subtleties of this, in German, was rearranged into English for my understanding. I appreciated the addition of a further layer of interpretation and the potential of loss through translation."
The Goethe has been a significant benefactor of New Zealand art institutions and professionals, through the touring exhibitions that they've brought out here, and the professional development opportunities that they've made available - mostly to curatorial folks. For some reason, their contribution seems to be largely unsung.

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