Friday 28 September 2007

Announcements in the public's interest


Over the net posts today on the revolutionary idea that art galleries should maybe tweak their exhibitions post-opening if the audience response isn't positive.

To give one example: in one gallery I know, visitors frequently complain about the size of the text on wall panels. In order to read the panels, they have to step over the white line. Then they get told off by the security guard for getting too close to the works. So why not, if you know there's a problem, print a new lot of wall panels, spend a couple of hours sticking them up, and make your visitors happier? [And yeah yeah yeah, I know not everyone wants a huge font, but would you ever complain in the visitor's book because the wall panels were too easy to read?]


E-Day is this weekend - dispose of your clunky old computers responsibly at locations around New Zealand.

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