Tuesday 4 September 2007

Michael Harrison & Yvonne Todd

Some shameless promotion. Michael Harrison & Yvonne Todd's joint exhibition Crater of Phlox at Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland, is one I'd like to see.

I've always thought there's a similarity in their work - although it's one I find hard to put a finger on. Maybe it's the strain of wistful romance in their work, or that the yearning in Michael's work is matched somehow by the tragi-glamour of Yvonne's models.

Whatever it is - get along and see the show, because online reproductions don't capture the delicate dimply surface of Michael's paintings, or the lushness of Yvonne's big photos.

Michael Harrison, Mountain Air, 2007. Acrylic on paper. 19 x 21cm.
Yvonne Todd, Female Study (silver), 2007. Lightjet print 1/3. 150 x 243cm.
Images from the Ivan Anthony Gallery website.

See more of Yvonne's work on her website: ervon.com, and more of Michael's on the Hamish McKay website.

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