Wednesday 19 September 2007

Little red towel

In preparing for his current joint show with Don Driver at Hamish McKay Gallery, Julian Dashper selected and responded to Driver's works - this set of three red white and blue circular digital prints, for example, are carefully matched to a flag in one of Driver's assemblages.

What I like about the show is that it makes you look a bit harder at both of them. A tarp in one of the Driver's play up the plasticky finish on one of Dashper's paintings. You think more about the way Driver uses colour. A block of wood nailed to the wall might belong to either of them.

Dashper currently seems to be New Zealand's busiest artist. It's great to see more of Driver's work, but 'With Spirit' was eight years ago .... is it getting close to time to have another prolonged look at his work?

Images: installation shots, from the Hamish McKay Gallery website

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Anonymous said...

Further random Dashpher/Driver linkage: The video in the show at Hamish McKay features an installation of Dashpher's at the Govett-Brewster. While Dashpher was giving a talk at said show, Driver, at the time a gallery security guard, walked up to listen. Apparently he consequently lost his job for desertion of post...