Wednesday 27 February 2008

All go this Sunday

Sunday 2nd March will be a big day for people who like (a) Seraphine Pick (b) Frances Hodgkins or (c) swear words.

After Image: Seraphine Pick and Frances Hodgkins opens at Mahara Gallery on Sunday. That was going to be my Sunday art-event, but holy toledo - how can I forgo an event as beguilingly titled as this:

There's fuck-all to see

In 1952 Bill Pearson, in his seminal essay Fretful Sleepers, wrote ‘… If a NZ’er goes to an exhibition or a museum he withholds his interest, grudgingly stumps around every stand for fear of missing something, but comes away with relief, 'There’s fuck all to see.' 50yrs on have we woken from our restless slumber?

Chaired by Phillipa Tocker (Museums Aotearoa CEO), speakers: Tommy Honey (architecture and design), Jo Randerson (writing & theatre), Philip Norman (music), and Roger Blackley (art history).

Image: Seraphine Pick, The perfection of an outdoor day, 2006. Oil on linen. From the Michael Lett Gallery website.

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Anonymous said...

Ha - I almost went to Mahara today but remembered the above exhibitions and am waiting until next week. I hate the arts festival its the opposite of "F-all to see"