Tuesday 5 February 2008

What we talk about when we talk about art

Posting will be patchy for the next ten days or so.

To fill some time between now and then, here's a nice article about the way Ikea products are named.

There's an article on Art World Salon about Leipzeig's Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst's new long-term project: over the next two years, the museum will invite 11 collections, collectors and galleries to display their collections of art in any way they see fit. It's called Carte blanche.

(By the by - I suddenly thought when typing that I wonder what the phrase really means? Turns out it means 'blank cheque', so I'm figuring that (a) they're using that term metaphorically and (b) I'm going to start using it more carefully).

Comments after the article raise interesting points about museums as arbiters of taste, and as vertically integrated content providers. My first reaction was - how do their curators feel about being turned into project managers for two years?

For some real light relief though, and apologies in advance if you've already seen in - Aardman animation's 'Creature Comfort' series includes this brilliant 'What is art' clip. Watch out for the print-making beagle.

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