Wednesday 20 February 2008

oh so close

There will be some art here again soon, I promise, but I want to hark back to Webstock one more time first.

At the conference, both Nat Torkington (possibly one of the most famous Kiwis you've never heard of) and Russell Brown talked about the relationship and differences between mainstream (ie print, radio, TV) media and online journalism: the words I wrote down were denser, richer, debateable, updateable, shareable, real-time.

Today Brown pointed to an article by Philip Matthews about political blogging. It's a great article, but here's the kicker: it's all about blogging, it mentions like a dozen sites, and there's not a single link in there - not even a plain text URL. How hard would it be for Stuff to employ someone to add links to print articles when they've posted online?

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Anonymous said...

Check out the print edition's links policy for the answer. Most media is still driven by the print with online an afterthought