Monday 4 February 2008


Has anyone else noticed that the art reviews have disappeared from the Listener? Never fear - as announced in this week's edition, proud curmudgeon Hamish Keith is about to commence a fortnightly art column for the magazine.

Also noted

Sarah Jessica Parker's production company (Pretty Matches) has teamed with the creators of Project Runway (Magical Elves) and is shopping an art world version of Project Runaway around the networks. Will SJP take Heidi's role? Who will play Tim Gunn? And what is with the names of those companies?

And just now noted

Gordon McLauchlan's motion(via Beatties' Book Blog), at the monthly meeting of the Auckland branch of Pen (the NZ Society of Authors), to lobby government to relocate some of the national cultural institutions - namely Creative NZ - to Auckland. Seconded by said Hamish Keith.


Anonymous said...

Due to a lack of art related content I was going to cancel my subscription...if Hamish Keith's column (anticipated yawn) will be the one and only I most definitely will cancel.

Anonymous said...

I wish people voted with their wallets more, as you suggest Anonymous. Well-put letters to the editor can also hit the spot. I've spoken to plenty of art-followers who've ceased buying the Listener due to the current visual art antipathy.
As it stands the Listener editor can assume that its readership does not include paying/vocal visual art followers, and as such will continue to malign the visual arts while promoting theatre, film, dance, music, prose and poetry.

I hope that the Listener's recently appointed Arts and Books editor has more than one over-exposed canon-upholding curmudgeon in his sights.
The number of active gate-keepers in this country was ALREADY alarming.

Anonymous said...

Well at least they are making some effort on the art front. I don't if Hamish Keith is the answer though