Thursday 21 February 2008

Two forums make a quorum?

On the Auckland Art Gallery development front: a new forum section! where you can share information and memories about the 1958 exhibition of contemporary Māori art at Auckland Uni, or 1950s fashion & culture .

While it might have been safer to launch on a topic that more people (like people under the age of 50) could really get stuck in to, good on them for having a go at fostering community participation and gathering information for a project in a new way. I wonder how they'll repurpose it?

And, via the ever-insightful New Media blog at the Walker Art Center, the (American) Museum Computer Network's Muse Tech Central site is a forum where members can share information (including budget range) about tech-related museum projects, like using tech tools to streamline the production of wall labels and using cell phones to deliver audio tours.


There doesn't seem to be a homepage link where you'd expect it on the Muse Tech site: use the 'projects' link at the top right to get back to the list.

And regarding the AAG site - here's how to increase your font size:

In Firefox
# Increase font size by pressing CTRL +
# Reduce font size by pressing CTRL –

In Internet Explorer

1. Open the View menu by pressing ALT + V.

2. Select Text Size by pressing X.

3. In the Text Size list, move to the text size option you want using the UP and DOWN ARROWs

4. Press ENTER.

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Sarah Eades said...

Thanks for the mention. Hopefully we will have more forums for different age groups soon. It's a start for us, a long way to go yet.