Sunday 1 November 2015

NYT Arts Special

One of my absolute favourite things about being in America is being able to buy the print copy of the New York Times Sunday edition. What a satisfying wodge of paper and ideas.

The next best thing I guess is being able to access the special sections online, including this weekend's Art and Museums special, which includes:

Holland Cotter on museums of the future (museums are still building too big, contemporary art is pulling the yoof but wherefore art thou, audiences for old art?, and Eli Broad has no personal taste)

Geraldine Fabrikant on China-themed exhibitions (Who are they trying to reach? Patrons)

Michael Cannell on open access (I'm beginning to feel like this article itself is open content, endlessly being remixed with the same examples and quotes being reproduced every two months by some media outlet as news)

Robin Pobegrin on museum-conferred degrees (this is actually really interesting: museums as the site for post-grad study in arts & science communication/teaching, and prof dev for teachers)

Judith H Dobrzynski on the Denver Art Museum's commitment to Native American art (the lack of contemporary American Indian work on display in American museums, and the deadened presentation of older art, really upset me as I travelled around last month)

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