Saturday 2 January 2016

Reading list, 2 January 2016

Cheating a little, I saved Artnet's list of 2015 stand-out art essays for the post-Christmas quiet period. I'm still picking my way through it, but Maura O'Reilly's piece on the place of women in the visual arts is one of the most important things I personally read this year, and I was glad to see it here.

On Boxing Day morning I made coffee and sat down to read Jeremy Collins' Shadow Boxing: Lessons About Life, Death, And Writing, From Rocky, about grief, determination, writing and Sylvester Stallone. It's terrific. Thank you Simon, for sending it to me.

I picked up three new (to me) podcasts via Mother Jones's list to trial while lounging in Wellington's unseasonable - nay, unfeasible - run of good weather.

'... scholarship, like tobacco farming, exhausts the soil and then moves on' - Michael J. Lewis on the rise and fall of Victorian studies.

Linda Holmes, of Pop Culture Happy Hour, puts together a list of her 50 favourite pop-cultural things from 2015. (The reassuring voices of my favourite podcast presenters would be high on my list, if I had one.)

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