Saturday 30 January 2016

Reading list, 30 January 2016

Over the long weekend I was pondering the shortlived journals of the 1980s and 1990s - Ascent, Midwest, Antic, And, Parallax - and that brought me to Thomasin Sleigh's detailed assessment of Art New Zealand; from 2013 but still very good reading. (N.B. Has anyone done a concerted piece of research on those journals? I'd like to read one.)

The history of art from the nineteenth century to the 1960s is above all a history of objects, but since the 1960s, thinking of Lucy Lippard’s landmark book The Dematerialization of Art, we also have a history of non-objects. And we have Michel Serres’ theory of the quasi-object, an object which only gains significance when interacted with. And now, living in the Anthropocene, we know that everything is interdependent, and that leads us to a history of hyper-objects, as Timothy Morton calls them.

Elvia Wilk talks to Hans Ulrich Obrist about outing the archive - a brief complement to last week's annoying Quartz article.

Hyperallergic summarises a recent report from Larry's List and Arton on private museums around the world - includes a link to the original report.

On Artnet - a truly disturbing rundown of Getty Images' 'Creative in Focus' report on trends in stock photography (and consumer wants, needs, and triggerable desires). Read it but be prepared to feel icky.

And in 'Transforming Audiences, Transforming Museums', Suse Cairns summarises and points to a number of fascinating pieces of writing on the 'experience' based, 'engagement' led museum: two words I'm trying to nut out at the moment.

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