Tuesday 5 January 2016

Summer school II

It's nearly the end of my holiday - and hopefully of the brief spat of poor weather. That means less laptop time and maximising what's left of the sun before going back into the Director Cave.

It's been a good break. I've read a lot, but I've listened to even more words on podcasts than I think I've read, including catching up on my Slate Culture Gabfest and Pop Culture Happy Hour regulars, but also finally getting around to Gimlet Media's Start-Up podcast, backlistening to Song Exploder, trialling Pitch and About Race, and spending a vastly enjoyable 90 odd minutes listening to this NYPL conversation between Ira Glass and Nico Muhly from 2013.

I've worked on my spider guard a bit (not as much as I meant to) but I've also played around in the sun with friends and with rings and paralettes and Jefferson curls and my rope-climbing technique (as in, I have the beginning of a technique now), and that's been immensely satisfying.

This is the first time in three summers when a few days haven't been dedicated to a massive chucking-out binge and I am thankful for that, and also for doing that before #konmari became a thing.

I've done the two bits of work-related stuff that I brought home (both fun, both on the down-low for now).

And I've plugged away at my self-set Wikipedia goals. I didn't achieve quite as much as I hoped to, but I've created or substantially edited a number of pages which makes me quite content:

That's a bit better than one every two days. I've made about 350 edits since 1 December, and also upped my blogging frequency: after this, it's 11 more posts until I hit 1,500 entries here. Given that my first post was made in December 2006, I guess that makes this my 10th year of blogging? Good lord. 

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