Friday 12 October 2007

Critic on critic

I was going to point y'all to Jerry Saltz's jeremiad on Wednesday, but Overthenet beat me to it.

However, check out Regina Hackett on Saltz's harangue:

With his latest gambit, "Has Money Ruined Art?" in New York magazine, Jerry Saltz is angling to be the Robert Hughes of our time. Just as Hughes railed against money in the 1980s, Saltz is railing now.

Hughes once wrote that young SoHo art collectors had the "discrimination of vacuum cleaners." Here's how Saltz described the people in the reserved seats at Aaron Young's "Greeting Card" spectacle at the Seventh Regiment Armory last month: "A listers, curators, thin and well-dressed women, up-and-coming artists, and certain critics were given seats. Everyone else had to stand."

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