Monday 8 October 2007

One day, sculpture

There's an article in this week's Listener about 'One Day Sculpture', a 'cumulative series of place-responsive sculptures – each of which will exist within the public domain for no more than a 24-hour period' which, collectively, will 'for the first time, draw together nine of New Zealand’s principal contemporary art initiatives to interrogate key issues in ephemeral and place-sensitive sculptural practice.' (from the Litmus website)

I wish the project all the best. And a bit of MSM coverage like this is a good thing. But when the lynch pin of the project is engaging the public, why not drip feed them a little more information?

Clare Doherty, the curatorial director of 'One Day Sculpture', hasn't updated her blog since May 2007, and the latest news available on the Litmus website is from the same time, announcing that a 'significant group of New Zealand curators will convene in Muenster, Germany, next month' to discuss the project with Doherty.

To beat my blogging drum to a slightly different tune: if you're going to blog, or have online news, keep it up to date! Give us a reason to come back. Hell, we might even spread the news a little. Or turn up on the day ...


Anonymous said...

I realise your issue is with the blogging situation but perhaps a redirection to the One Day Sculpture website itself might be a good start:

Courtney Johnston said...

Thanks Anon.

At the time of writing there was no ODS site - hence no link.